TRENT SHEPPARD is a collegiate minister, teaching pastor and the author of God on Campus: Sacred Causes and Global Effects (IVP). He lived and worked in the U.K. for eight years with YWAM, and his teaching and travels have taken him to fifty nations. Trent (M.A. Wheaton College) is married to Bronwyn (M.A. Clark University) and they have two children, Miréa and Blaze. For more on Trent (who really likes it when his wife speaks Turkish), visit his IVP author’s bio page or hear him teach at Wheaton College Chapel in Illinois or the Status Community in Florida.

NATHAN CHUD is a founding leader of a young adult church and training center in Missouri (The KC Boiler Room), and is the singer/songwriter behind Moratorium, a new album released in partnership with Campus America in August 2010. He and his wife, Marisa, have been married for eight years and are currently students at Boston University and New England Law. Nathan proudly hails from south-central Alaska, where he shared his first kiss with Marisa when they were five-years-old. For more on Nathan, be sure to check out his website:


Nathan and Trent are not only co-laborers in the college and university scene; they share a real friendship – working and playing, dreaming and scheming together in a variety of contexts, cultures and countries. They both currently call Boston home, where they live out their faith with a small community of believers.


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