I’m a Uni (video)

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When I first composed this piece, I was simply journaling about the tensions surrounding university life.  Soon I started imagining what other people go through during these years as they trying to figure out who God is, who they are, and how everything in between fits into the equation.  I just kept scribbling the stuff that was coming to mind, and this groan/ache/confession of sorts came out.

This is in no way a theological statement, but sometimes art gives us windows into places clean-cut catechisms don’t go (though I especially enjoy a good catechism too).  Tension like this can paralyze us with depression or engaged us with creative force… the choice is up to us.  You’ll also see portions of “I’m a Uni” (for lack of a more flashy title) on the album cover itself, which my childhood friend and designer, Casey DenBleyker (visit www.redcarstudio.com) brilliantly pieced together.


2 Responses to I’m a Uni (video)

  1. Steve says:

    This vid was moving. I’m a college student leading a college group. We’ve been getting together for about a year now and our purpose has been to challenge each other and grow together while impacting our community (Colossians 3:12-17). I’ve been discouraged lately as most of those who come seem bored and uninterested. Recently we’ve been going through Matthew, just picking apart the scripture talking about what is really going on and what it means for us today.

    After watching this video, I definitely experience and see this tension in each of the college students in our group. How do we address these tensions?? How do we prepare each other and bring these issues out into the open?

  2. Jessica Stanfield says:

    I want to thank you for making this video. As a new, and struggling, believer; It is definitely one of the hardest things, being a Christian on a college campus. Not just a “Christian,” but who is, “Too Theological,” as some have called me and my friends. It is difficult to not get caught up in the technology, the spending five dollars a day at Starbucks, to not try and wear what everyone else is wearing. Not just in college, but anywhere and during any day. It is HARD. You spoke so much truth in this video, and I want to applaud you for speaking it so humbly but bluntly. I think, every day, how life would be if God didn’t exist. If you ever get a chance to speak at Georgia Southern University, about this video, I think God would use you to shake these grounds. I don’t know if you are or are not familiar with our school, but we are “known” as a hardcore party school. I was caught up in it for about a year and some months, and it hurt so bad to see where I was. God, with time, pulled me out of the depths of my cries..into the center of his Grace, and I cannot thank him enough for that every day..even in my dry seasons. This campus is crying out for love, and and understanding of who they are. And this video, your voice, could make such a difference. Not just on our campus, as well as elsewhere. I am praying for you and hope to see God use you as he has planned..

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