Book Endorsements


“Sheppard digs through layers of secular calcification to authentic source — to the wellsprings of water beneath the surface of colleges, where life can still be found.  Where seeds of faith come back to life.  Drink deeply.  This book is a rare treasure of honor, honesty and vision.”

Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Founder, The Veritas Forum
Editor of Finding God at Harvard

“As Trent states ‘students today want a faith that is wildly courageous, intellectually honest, socially engaged and genuinely free.’  His book documents the powerful role college students have always played throughout history in what God is doing in the world, and expresses faith and example that God’s Spirit is stirring on campuses today.”

Dennis Gaylor
National Director, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

God on Campus is an inspiring narrative of courage, faith and perseverance.  I am again riveted by how profoundly God uses young people who won’t hide behind their youth to excuse inaction. “

Dave Short
National Director, Campus Alpha

“‘God on Campus is a top pick for those who think God dies when Christians go to college.  Highly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review

“Trent has his sights clearly set on the ultimate question of God’s purposes for our generation… He dares to give the campuses their story back.”

Pete Greig
24-7 Prayer, Alpha International from the afterword

“Reading Trent Sheppard’s work on the history of God’s movement on college campuses makes me want to go back and relive history. The way Sheppard chronicles the work of God’s Spirit in the lives of individuals is compelling reading, and he entices one to imagine what God might be up to next. With great care, Trent walks his readers through instance after instance of God doing something remarkable with the lives of students who are open to His work and ends each chapter with thought-provoking questions on how God might work similarly today.”

—Brodie Taphorn,


“Every Christian needs to read the story of God On Campus.  Trent beautifully retells how God has shown up at colleges and universities in the past while tapping into our hope that God will do it again in our day.  From the beginning of Harvard to the Methodist movement led by the Wesley brothers, from the Student Volunteer Movement to Campus Crusade, this book gives courage to anyone serving Christ within the context of higher education:  campus pastor, faculty, administration or student.  Most of all, it should convince the church of the vital importance of reaching this generation of college students with the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.  Reach the campus.  Build the church.  Change the world.”

– Creighton Alexander

Campus Coach, United Methodist Church

Director, Refresh Conference


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